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The story of Rowdie

After many years of working for the bookmaker we decided to go our own way. We simply learned enough and decided to exchange the security of being an employee for freedom bringing lots of uncertainty, but fulfilling our personal goals. There was a lot of knowledge we took from the other side and the possibilities of growth reached the limit. Things started to get boring and that was the signal to move on.

We are a team of 2 guys. One is the technical guru - making the website better and faster than the majority of similar ones (including bookies) and the other one is a football (soccer) and betting freak with a big sense for creating football odds and reading statistics the right way.

There is however something we did not have a chance to learn. We are good at coding and we understand football and sports betting to the deepest depth, but we are not PhD. mathematicians. We had to hire real data scientists to deliver the mathematical football predictions and football value bets. Both betting tools are showing decent results and include a self learning algorithm, so no human input is necessary.

While the match, fixture, players etc. statistics come from the same sources as the bookies have it, the predictions and value bets are delivered by a different team.

We are not selling picks. We are not trying to sell any fixed match lies. We make money by advertising. We help you to learn sports betting for free. We give you the mathematical football predictions for free and one extra bonus which are the free football value bets.

The story of Play Europe as a marketing agency

The most common advice of many successful entrepreneurs is "do not have only one source of income". Turned out, this was a great advice. Being in contact with our clients, many of them asked for the whole package. Online marketing was no more enough and Led panels, billboards, promotional items and more were simply a must. Details will be discussed in our office, so feel free to get in touch with us and book an appointment at our local office.


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