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Rowdie gives you the opportunity to have your own football site with many exciting features for really affordable price


Do you want to have your own football page like We make it possible and affordable, but let's go through the whole story first...

Money and Hours

Have you ever wondered what it takes and how much it costs to start a project as massive as Rowdie? We tell you exactly, but you better buckle up! The first lines of Rowdie code were written down in March 2019 and only a year later after thousands of hours of coding - in March 2020,  the project went live. The first years costs were:

  • €9 000 outsourced football fixtures and database environment,
  • €3 000 community environment,
  • €2 000 football data from sportmonks,
  • €1 400 system environment (servers),
  • €9 000 our in-house developer  

Yes, we had to spend over €24 000 just to go live... but the show goes on.

  • Adding another €15 000 for an in-house developer,
  • content like news and betting academy was up to €10 000,
  • football and prediction data costs up to €250 per month,
  • systems another €100 per month,
  • sofar €4000 for link building (you can not go without that)

2 years after the kick off and 1 year after going live we have invested around €60 000

Do you consider that too much? Remember, the project is massive! Do you anyways think this could have been done much cheaper? Well, yes. Feel free to hire some low-cost developer and you will get it for 15 000, but guess what. It will most likely be complete non-working crap.

Let's do an experiment. Add Google Lighthouse plugin to your Chrome and test any website out there. Here are the numbers for Rowdie. Most of the competing websites with traffic reaching millions users per month have those numbers much much lower.

Rowdie Lighthouse results

What do we offer

Go through the Rowdie page and investigate the structure, size, features or speed. Take your time and compare it with the competition. What you get from us is a project with the same parameters but you can customize a big part of it to meet your requests.

How much will this cost me?

Our sales price for the entire €60 000+ code base is only €9 990 - and yes, after that you can run your own Rowdie - like website. Then, depending on your requests, the one time set-up fee to make it work is going to be €1 000 per our working day (expect 1 - 2 days, depending on your requests).

Yes! Instead of €60 000+ and thousands of hours, you only need around €11 000 and maybe 5 hours of your time for consultations.

VAT 21% applies

How much is the monthly operating costs?

Let's say you buy the product from us and wonder what cost to expect in the future. To us you will pay nothing at all, however you will need 2 things. Dedicated servers for €50 - €150 per month and football data for €49 - €300 per month (depending on the count of leagues, predictions...).

All details will be discussed and specified in the contract.

Technical specification of the Rowdie project:

  • Azure SQL Database
  • ASP.NET Core 3.1
  • Blazor
  • MySql
  • WordPress

Feel free to contact us for more using our online form or drop us an email at