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What are the best football leagues for betting?

The list of football leagues showing the best results when it comes to win in sports betting


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Our mathematical football predictions are not perfect through the whole portfolio of all World's football leagues and we are not going to lie about it. Below you can see the list of leagues with high and good league predictability.

Betting on the ones with a high or good predictability gives you a chance of much better betting results. Leagues with medium predictability consider just like a hint and do NOT go for values under 10%.

Simply compare the odds with those of your licensed online bookmakers and bet on those where the odds of the bookie are higher. Click on the link in the first column of the table to see the League details and make sure to verify if the Predictability did not change in the meantime. The columns Predictability and Predictive Power are easy to understand expressions of Hit Ratio and Log Loss, since the last 2 are for the math gurus only.

League Country Predictability Pred. Power Hit Ratio Log Loss
Serie A Italy high unchanged 0.6 -0,9304
Pro League Belgium high unchanged 0.56 -0,9293
Premier League England high unchanged 0.53 -0,9607
Premiership Scotland high down 0.52 -0,9592
La Liga Spain high unchanged 0.51 -0,9781
Bundesliga Germany good up 0.57 -0,9886
Premier League Ukraine good unchanged 0.53 -0,9990
Championship England good unchanged 0.52 -1,0046
Eliteserien Norway good unchanged 0.52 -0,9812
League One England good down 0.51 -0,9977
Ligue 1 France good unchanged 0.49 -1,0132
Eredivisie Netherlands medium up 0.5 -1,0242
Primeira Liga Portugal medium up 0.48 -1,0247
Allsvenskan Sweden medium unchanged 0.46 -1,0571
Superliga Denmark medium unchanged 0.46 -1,0571