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The fantastic 2019/20 season of Liverpool

This team has been nearly perfect this season. But the question is, will they pass the landmark which was set by their predecessors?


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It has been the season of life for everyone associated with Liverpool Football Club. The title picture looked clear in November when Liverpool smashed Manchester City at Anfield (Details and statistics Liverpool vs Manchester City (10/11/2019)). One thing was clear since then, Liverpool needed to challenge themselves, so they do not get complacent.

Arsenal remained still the only invincibles

They targeted every single record, were close to breaking many, but failed in a few. Complacency wasn't seen until they were crowned champions at Stamford Bridge. In the very next game, they were destroyed by Manchester City by four goals without scoring any (Details and statistics Manchester City vs Liverpool (02/07/2020)). The loss at Vicarage Road ended the dreams of becoming the new invincibles of England.

They also became the quickest team to ever win in the Premier League as they did it with seven games remaining. Breaking Manchester City's points record seems to be the final bit of motivation for J. Klopp's men. After the restart, it seemed inevitable that Liverpool will easily cross the hundred points mark. They needed 19 points from a possible 27, which seemed likely to happen for a team of this magnitude.

Still a chance for another record

However, sitting here with three games to go seems like it is a do-or-die scenario for Liverpool. They created 22 chances against Burnley and scored one goal, which was canceled by J. Rodriguez's thrilling volley. It was a reasonably good performance, but against teams like Burnley, you just can't switch-off for a moment (details and statistics Liverpool vs Burnley (11/07/2020)). With those 2 points dropped, Liverpool now requires 3 wins from 3 games to cross 100 points.

The remaining games are tough as Liverpool go to the Emirates to face an Arsenal side striving for a European birth (preview and predictions Arsenal vs Liverpool (15/07/2020)). Later, Liverpool to host Chelsea in a must-win for Frank's team as they want that all-important place in the top 4 (preview and predictions Liverpool vs Chelsea (22/07/2020)). 

The last game will be at St. James Park against a changed Newcastle team of late. It seems they should get the 3 points against Newcastle United (preview and predictions Newcastle United vs Liverpool (26/07/2020)). A win is also likely against Arsenal as M. Arteta Amatriain's defensive issues continue. The most tricky out of the three is the one against Chelsea at Anfield, where Liverpool haven't lost in ages. Nothing is for granted in the Premier League, as every team has something to play for. 

Since the restart, Liverpool have shown signs of worry and uncertainty. It will take special effort from Liverpool to cross the 100 points milestone. This team has been nearly perfect this season. But the question is, will they pass the landmark which was set by their predecessors?