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Was overturning ban of Manchester City the right thing?

I am a massive Chelsea fan and my attitude towards the decission is neutral

Trying to look beyond my emotions and emotional arguments such as "money talk" and "those bastard deserved to suffer more" and I am not finding it hard to see the other perspective. There is no question about Manchester City deserving punishment for the financial stuff they did. Now the question is. What is the right amount of punishment? 

My opinion is the following. Reducing of the financial punishment was not the right thing. Those 10 million they won't even notice. On the other hand banning the club for 2 years from the European football competitions would not only harm the club, but possibly the English football. And English football rocks the last years.

Not only that. Which potential young player would want to sign up for a club that can not get him any significant European Trophee? Which coach would want to make history by not being able to make the history. I believe, the ban could destroy Manchester City for the whole decade and maybe even longer. Conclusion. Huge financial punishment? For sure! Banning from international comeptitions? No. The action was not ethical, but nobody died.

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To be honest I expected the ban to be final and the appeal just an opportunity for UEFA to show the middle finger. I watched the live action on bbc and could not believe my eyes that the ban has been overturned. Thinking again about the whole issue. What is the right punishment for somebody who does a similar thing? For sure not death and the ľ years ban could be very close to it.

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Good point, but I believe that it should not just be about English football. Now this is a message to all potential crooks that they can do similar action and the punishment will be insignificant. I am not a law expert, but I believe if other club does exactly the same, they can not be punished harder. This whole issue was an action of arrogance and if you look at the details, they were just too self confident doing it. 2 year ban could really mean resembling of Manchester City, but one year plus 50m fine would scare other clubs such as PSG from doing that.

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