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We are comparing the results of our sophisticated mathematical predictions with the odds of a bookmaker. In tables below you can see the difference between the two of them (% of statistical advantage). We are only displaying value by markets with a High Predictability. Values with Good, Medium or Poor predictability are not highlighted.

Upcoming football predictions 1(%) X(%) 2(%) Value?
Austria Wien II Austria Wien II logo vs Juniors OÖ logo Juniors OÖ 26/02 43 23 34
Lafnitz Lafnitz logo vs Floridsdorfer AC logo Floridsdorfer AC 26/02 53 23 24
SV Horn II SV Horn II logo vs Austria Lustenau logo Austria Lustenau 26/02 42 24 34
Blau-Weiß Linz Blau-Weiß Linz logo vs Austria Klagenfurt logo Austria Klagenfurt 26/02 46 23 31
Dornbirn Dornbirn logo vs Grazer AK logo Grazer AK 27/02 34 25 41
Upcoming football predictions 1(%) X(%) 2(%) Value?
Wiener Neustadt Wiener Neustadt logo vs Admira II logo Admira II 26/02 37 24 39
Wiener SC Wiener SC logo vs Team Wiener Linien logo Team Wiener Linien 26/02 54 22 24
Traiskirchen Traiskirchen logo vs Draßburg logo Draßburg 26/02 52 21 27
Kufstein Kufstein logo vs Wörgl logo Wörgl 27/02 56 21 23
Imst Imst logo vs Kitzbühel logo Kitzbühel 27/02 30 22 48
Bruck/Leitha Bruck/Leitha logo vs Mannsdorf logo Mannsdorf 27/02 54 21 26
Stripfing Stripfing logo vs Neusiedl logo Neusiedl 27/02 66 20 15
Upcoming football predictions 1(%) X(%) 2(%) Value?
Spittal Spittal logo vs Allerheiligen logo Allerheiligen 27/02 34 26 40 16.39% Under25
Upcoming football predictions 1(%) X(%) 2(%) Value?
Rapid Vienna Rapid Vienna logo vs Ried logo Ried 27/02 69 18 14 24.77% Away
LASK Linz LASK Linz logo vs Hartberg logo Hartberg 27/02 81 12 8


7 Austria leagues and 58 Austria teams and their details which are used on our Rowdie website.

# Logo League Name Active Teams
Austrian Cup League Logo Austrian Cup 0
Erste Liga League Logo Erste Liga 15
Landesliga: Vorarlberg League Logo Landesliga: Vorarlberg 6
Regionalliga: Mitte League Logo Regionalliga: Mitte 13
Regionalliga: Ost League Logo Regionalliga: Ost 13
Regionalliga: West League Logo Regionalliga: West 0
Tipico Bundesliga League Logo Tipico Bundesliga 12
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded
Amstetten Team Logo Amstetten Ertl Glas-Stadion J. Standfest
Austria Klagenfurt Team Logo Austria Klagenfurt Sportplatz KAC P. Pacult
Austria Lustenau Team Logo Austria Lustenau Planet Pure Stadion A. Kiene 1914
Austria Wien II Team Logo Austria Wien II Austria-Akademie H. Suchard 1911
Blau-Weiß Linz Team Logo Blau-Weiß Linz Linzer Stadion R. Brunmayr 1997
Dornbirn Team Logo Dornbirn Stadion Birkenwiese M. Mader 1913
Floridsdorfer AC Team Logo Floridsdorfer AC Job Consulting Arena M. Muslić 1904
Grazer AK Team Logo Grazer AK Sportzentrum Graz-Weinzödl G. Plassnegger 1902
Juniors OÖ Team Logo Juniors OÖ TGW Arena G. Scheiblehner 2007
Kapfenberger SV Team Logo Kapfenberger SV Franz-Fekete-Stadion A. Ibraković 1919
Lafnitz Team Logo Lafnitz Sportplatz Lafnitz P. Semlic
Liefering Team Logo Liefering DAS.GOLDBERG Stadion B. Svensson 1947
Rapid Wien II Team Logo Rapid Wien II Allianz Stadion S. Hofmann 1898
SV Horn II Team Logo SV Horn II Waldviertler Volksbank Arena A. Schriebl 1922
Wacker Innsbruck Team Logo Wacker Innsbruck Tivoli Stadion Tirol D. Bierofka 2002
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded
Alberschwende Team Logo Alberschwende Sportplatz Alberschwende G. Sohm-Milovanovic
Andelsbuch Team Logo Andelsbuch Sportplatz FC Andelsbuch C. Köll
Bizau Team Logo Bizau Bergstadion P. Schwarz
Hard Team Logo Hard Waldstadion Hard P. Eisele 1922
Höchst Team Logo Höchst Rheinaustadion B. Erkinger 1921
Lustenau Team Logo Lustenau Reichshofstadion D. Madlener 1907
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded
Allerheiligen Team Logo Allerheiligen Sportanlage Allerheiligen Z. Eskinja 1976
Bad Gleichenberg Team Logo Bad Gleichenberg Bad Gleichenberg Arena Z. Gasevic 1933
Deutschlandsberger SC Team Logo Deutschlandsberger SC Koralmstadion C. Meier
Gleisdorf 09 Team Logo Gleisdorf 09 Solarstadion der Stadt Gleisdorf K. Genser 2009
Gurten Team Logo Gurten Park21-Arena Gurten P. Madritsch
Hertha Team Logo Hertha De Toekomst Veld 3 M. Waldl
Kalsdorf Team Logo Kalsdorf Sportzentrum Kalsdorf J. Schirgi
Spittal Team Logo Spittal Goldeckstadion R. Schönherr
St. Anna Team Logo St. Anna Bollwerk-Arena T. Kocijan
Sturm Graz II Team Logo Sturm Graz II Messendorf Trainingszentrum T. Hösele 1909
Union Vöcklamarkt Team Logo Union Vöcklamarkt Sportzentrum Union Volksbank Vöcklamarkt J. Schatas 1946
Weiz Team Logo Weiz SIEMENS Energy Stadion T. Gruber 1924
Wels Team Logo Wels HUBER Arena M. Babler 2003
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded
Admira II Team Logo Admira II Bundessport- und Freizeitzentrum Südstadt P. Helmes 1905
Bruck/Leitha Team Logo Bruck/Leitha Parkstadion Bruck M. Santner
Draßburg Team Logo Draßburg Sportplatz Draßburg F. Lederer
Leobendorf Team Logo Leobendorf Sportplatz Leobendorf S. Laschet
Mannsdorf Team Logo Mannsdorf Aulandstadion C. Jancker 1985
Mattersburg II Team Logo Mattersburg II Fußballakademie Burgenland M. Kausich 1922
Mauerwerk Team Logo Mauerwerk Sportplatz Nord-Wien S. Rieger
Rapid Wien II Team Logo Rapid Wien II Allianz Stadion S. Hofmann 1898
Stripfing Team Logo Stripfing Sportplatz Stripfing SV J. Kleer
Team Wiener Linien Team Logo Team Wiener Linien Sportplatz Rax H. Gager
Traiskirchen Team Logo Traiskirchen Sport- und Freizeitzentrum Traiskirchen M. Bachmayer
Wiener Neustadt Team Logo Wiener Neustadt Wiener Neustadter Stadion J. Burgemeister 2008
Wiener Viktoria Team Logo Wiener Viktoria Sportplatz WAF Gruabn T. Polster 1931
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded
Admira Team Logo Admira BSFZ-Arena D. Burić 2008
Austria Wien Team Logo Austria Wien Generali Arena P. Stöger 1911
Hartberg Team Logo Hartberg PROfertil ARENA M. Schopp 1946
LASK Linz Team Logo LASK Linz TGW Arena D. Thalhammer 1908
Rapid Vienna Team Logo Rapid Vienna Allianz Stadion D. Kühbauer 1899
Rheindorf Altach Team Logo Rheindorf Altach CASHPOINT Arena A. Pastoor 1929
Ried Team Logo Ried josko ARENA M. Muslić 1912
Salzburg Team Logo Salzburg Red Bull Arena J. Marsch 1933
St. Pölten Team Logo St. Pölten NV ARENA R. Ibertsberger 2000
Sturm Graz Team Logo Sturm Graz Merkur Arena C. Ilzer 1909
Wattens Team Logo Wattens Gernot Langes Stadion T. Silberberger 1930
Wolfsberger AC Team Logo Wolfsberger AC Lavanttal Arena F. Feldhofer 1931


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