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Norway football predictions and betting tips

Norway football predictions calculated by our sophisticated algorithm are the base for the most accurate football betting tips delivered by Rowdie. We are comparing the calculated results with the odds of the best bookmakers, and in the table below you can see the difference between the two of them - in the last column of the table below you see if the upcoming fixtures in Norway contain a value (% of statistical advantage). Football predictions and betting tips by Rowdie are retrospectively verified, and we only display Norway betting tips where we show a great performance.

Do you not see any green highlighted value? The value and a valid betting tip might still be there, but has a lower or not calculated predictability. In that case you should only use it if you are advanced in football betting. Please click on any of the scheduled football fixtures to see the calculated probabilities for football predictions and betting tips of 1X2, btts, over/under, correct score and other major betting markets.

Upcoming football predictions 1(%) X(%) 2(%) Value?
Aalesund Aalesund logo vs Sogndal logo Sogndal 20/04 30 24 46
Rosenborg Rosenborg logo vs Ranheim logo Ranheim 21/04 57 21 22
Mjøndalen Mjøndalen logo vs Sandefjord logo Sandefjord 21/04 47 25 27
Odd Odd logo vs Jerv logo Jerv 21/04 74 15 10
Vålerenga Vålerenga logo vs Sarpsborg 08 logo Sarpsborg 08 21/04 64 21 15
Sandnes Ulf Sandnes Ulf logo vs Viking logo Viking 21/04 28 23 49
Kristiansund Kristiansund logo vs Molde logo Molde 23/04 35 23 42
Raufoss Raufoss logo vs HamKam logo HamKam 23/04 44 24 32
Strømmen Strømmen logo vs Grorud logo Grorud 24/04 57 21 22
Bodø / Glimt Bodø / Glimt logo vs Brann logo Brann 25/04 82 11 7
Mjøndalen Mjøndalen logo vs Fredrikstad logo Fredrikstad 25/04 51 23 27
Strømsgodset Strømsgodset logo vs Sandefjord logo Sandefjord 25/04 40 25 35
Viking Viking logo vs Start logo Start 25/04 60 20 20
Odd Odd logo vs Stabæk logo Stabæk 25/04 49 23 28
Haugesund Haugesund logo vs Åsane logo Åsane 25/04 55 21 24
Molde Molde logo vs Sogndal logo Sogndal 28/04 61 19 20
HamKam HamKam logo vs Kongsvinger logo Kongsvinger 28/04 50 23 27
Vålerenga Vålerenga logo vs Raufoss logo Raufoss 28/04 69 17 13
Fredrikstad Fredrikstad logo vs Strømmen logo Strømmen 28/04 66 18 16
Brann Brann logo vs Sandnes Ulf logo Sandnes Ulf 28/04 68 18 13
Bryne Bryne logo vs Jerv logo Jerv 01/05 66 19 15
Sarpsborg 08 Sarpsborg 08 logo vs Odd logo Odd 01/05 45 26 29
Molde Molde logo vs Bodø / Glimt logo Bodø / Glimt 02/05 43 21 36
Strømsgodset Strømsgodset logo vs Fredrikstad logo Fredrikstad 02/05 44 22 33
Sogndal Sogndal logo vs Raufoss logo Raufoss 02/05 63 19 18
Mjøndalen Mjøndalen logo vs Lillestrøm logo Lillestrøm 02/05 33 26 42
Stabæk Stabæk logo vs HamKam logo HamKam 02/05 49 24 27
Start Start logo vs Sandefjord logo Sandefjord 02/05 42 26 32
Åsane Åsane logo vs Brann logo Brann 02/05 44 22 34
Vålerenga Vålerenga logo vs Tromsø logo Tromsø 02/05 46 24 30
Kristiansund Kristiansund logo vs Aalesund logo Aalesund 02/05 63 20 17
Viking Viking logo vs Haugesund logo Haugesund 02/05 52 22 26
Sogndal Sogndal logo vs HamKam logo HamKam 08/05 59 21 20
Ranheim Ranheim logo vs Stjørdals-Blink logo Stjørdals-Blink 08/05 72 16 12
Fredrikstad Fredrikstad logo vs Grorud logo Grorud 08/05 78 14 9
Strømmen Strømmen logo vs KFUM logo KFUM 08/05 45 23 32
Sandnes Ulf Sandnes Ulf logo vs Bryne logo Bryne 08/05 40 23 37
Raufoss Raufoss logo vs Ullensaker / Kisa logo Ullensaker / Kisa 08/05 62 20 19
Mjøndalen Mjøndalen logo vs Sarpsborg 08 logo Sarpsborg 08 08/05 56 24 20


11 Norway leagues and 110 Norway teams and their details which are used on our Rowdie website.

# Logo League Name Active Teams
2. Division League Logo 2. Division 22
2. Division: Group 2 League Logo 2. Division: Group 2 0
2. Division: Group 3 League Logo 2. Division: Group 3 0
2. Division: Group 4 League Logo 2. Division: Group 4 0
3. Division League Logo 3. Division 59
Eliteserien League Logo Eliteserien 14
Junior U19 League Logo Junior U19 0
NM Cup League Logo NM Cup 0
Obos-Ligaen League Logo Obos-Ligaen 13
Super Cup League Logo Super Cup 0
Toppserien League Logo Toppserien 2
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded
Alta Team Logo Alta Finnmarkshallen V. Johnsen 1946
Asker Team Logo Asker Føyka Kunstgress V. Skogheim 1889
Bærum Team Logo Bærum Sandvika Stadion J. Sørensen 1910
Brattvåg Team Logo Brattvåg Brattvåg kunstgress R. Skovdahl Hansen 1940
Egersund Team Logo Egersund Egersund Idrettsparken O. Bijan 1919
Eidsvold Team Logo Eidsvold Eidsvoll kunstgress J. Dragsten 1910
Flekkerøy Team Logo Flekkerøy Arkicon Arena Flekkerøy N. Trajkovic 1950
Fløya Team Logo Fløya Fløyabanen M. Johnsen
Hødd Team Logo Hødd Høddvoll Kunstgress K. Knappen 1919
Kjelsås Team Logo Kjelsås Grefsen Stadion E. Kampen 1913
Kvik Halden Team Logo Kvik Halden Halden Stadion T. Thodesen 1906
Levanger Team Logo Levanger Erzgebirgsstadion P. Vågan Rønning 1996
Moss Team Logo Moss Melløs Stadion S. Constable 1906
Notodden Team Logo Notodden Idrettsparken M. Erga 1999
Odd II Team Logo Odd II Skagerak Arena J. Nornes 1894
Rosenborg II Team Logo Rosenborg II SalMar Banen Kunstgress T. Bjerkeset 1917
Senja Team Logo Senja Islandsbotn Kunstgress K. Warholm 1949
Skeid Team Logo Skeid Nordre Åsen kunstgress G. Holme 1915
Sotra Team Logo Sotra Straume stadion R. Blindhelm 1945
Tromsdalen Team Logo Tromsdalen Alfheim Stadion J. Hill 1938
Vålerenga II Team Logo Vålerenga II Vallhall Arena T. Berntsen 1913
Vard Team Logo Vard Haugesund Stadion K. Fosen 1916
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded
Aalesund II Team Logo Aalesund II Color Line Stadion 1914
Bodø / Glimt II Team Logo Bodø / Glimt II Aspmyra Stadion
Brann II Team Logo Brann II Nymark Kunstgress 03
Brodd Team Logo Brodd Midjord kunstgras 1913
Brumunddal Team Logo Brumunddal SH-banen 1895
Byåsen Team Logo Byåsen Byåsen Arena E. Selnaes 1921
Donn Team Logo Donn Kristiansand Stadion 1909
Elverum Team Logo Elverum Elverum Stadion T. Fossum 1907
Fana Team Logo Fana Nesttun Kunstgress 1920
Finnsnes Team Logo Finnsnes Finnsnes kunstgress 1922
Flint Team Logo Flint Flint ESSO Arena D KG
Follo Team Logo Follo Ski stadion A. Særvold 2000
Frigg Team Logo Frigg Tørteberg kunstgress 1904
Fyllingsdalen Team Logo Fyllingsdalen Varden Amfi R. Fredriksen 2011
Gjelleråsen Team Logo Gjelleråsen Li kunstgress
Gjøvik-Lyn Team Logo Gjøvik-Lyn Gjøvik stadion M. Skjærstad
Halsen Team Logo Halsen Bergeskogen idrettspark
Hinna Team Logo Hinna Wintershallbanen Kunstgress
Hønefoss Team Logo Hønefoss AKA Arena 1895
Junkeren Team Logo Junkeren Nordlandshallen
Kolstad Team Logo Kolstad Huseby Idrettspark 1972
Kongsvinger II Team Logo Kongsvinger II Gjemselund Stadion
Kråkerøy Team Logo Kråkerøy Nye Fredrikstad Stadion 1937
Lillestrøm II Team Logo Lillestrøm II LSK-hallen 1917
Lokomotiv Oslo Team Logo Lokomotiv Oslo Stade Edouard Guillon Annexe 1 1999
Lørenskog Team Logo Lørenskog Rolvsrud Stadion 1933
Lyn Team Logo Lyn Bislett Stadion T. Ødegaard 1896
Lysekloster Team Logo Lysekloster Lysekloster Framo Idrettsplass 1946
Madla Team Logo Madla Madla Handelslag Stadion 1939
Mandalskameratene Team Logo Mandalskameratene Idrettsparken Stadion 1912
Melbo IL Team Logo Melbo IL Havfisk Stadion 1975
Mjølner Team Logo Mjølner Narvik Stadion H. Hatle 1932
Mjøndalen II Team Logo Mjøndalen II Consto Arena
Molde II Team Logo Molde II Aker Stadion 1911
Nordstrand Team Logo Nordstrand Nordstrand kunstgress 1891
NTNUI Team Logo NTNUI Ørn Arena 1984
Nybergsund Team Logo Nybergsund Nybergsund Stadion J. Storbæk 1918
Oppsal Team Logo Oppsal KFUM Arena G. Olsen 1912
Orkla Team Logo Orkla Orkdalsbanken Stadion kunstgress 1998
Ørn Horten Team Logo Ørn Horten Lystlunden Stadion K. Thu 1904
Os Team Logo Os Kuventræ Idrettsplass kunstgress 1905
Pors Grenland Team Logo Pors Grenland Pors Stadion 1905
Sarpsborg 08 II Team Logo Sarpsborg 08 II Sarpsborg Stadion 2000
Skjervøy Team Logo Skjervøy Lerøy Stadion 1930
Sogndal II Team Logo Sogndal II Fosshaugane Campus 1926
Sola Team Logo Sola Sola Stadion O. Elvestad 1934
Spjelkavik Team Logo Spjelkavik Spjelkavik kunstgress
Staal Jørpeland Team Logo Staal Jørpeland Jørpeland stadion 1919
Stabæk II Team Logo Stabæk II Nadderud kunstgress 2 A. Pou 1912
Start II Team Logo Start II Sparebanken Sør Arena 1905
Stord Team Logo Stord Stord Stadion 2002
Strindheim Team Logo Strindheim Ruta Arena 1926
Strømsgodset II Team Logo Strømsgodset II Marienlyst Stadion 1907
Tiller Team Logo Tiller TOBB Arena Sør 1916
Tromsø II Team Logo Tromsø II Alfheim Stadion 1920
Ullern Team Logo Ullern Ullern kunstgress 2 1909
Vidar Team Logo Vidar Lassa idrettspark K. Sørli 1906
Viking II Team Logo Viking II SR-Bank Arena 1899
Vindbjart Team Logo Vindbjart Moseidmoen +Bankkunstgress S. Skeie
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded
Bodø / Glimt Team Logo Bodø / Glimt Aspmyra Stadion K. Knutsen 1916
Brann Team Logo Brann Brann Stadion K. Ingebrigtsen 1908
Haugesund Team Logo Haugesund Haugesund Stadion J. Grindhaug 1993
Kristiansund Team Logo Kristiansund Kristiansund Stadion C. Michelsen 2003
Lillestrøm Team Logo Lillestrøm Åråsen Stadion G. Bakke 1917
Mjøndalen Team Logo Mjøndalen Consto Arena V. Hansen 1910
Molde Team Logo Molde Aker Stadion E. Moe 1911
Odd Team Logo Odd Skagerak Arena J. Nornes 1894
Rosenborg Team Logo Rosenborg Lerkendal Stadion Å. Fridtjof Hareide 1917
Sarpsborg 08 Team Logo Sarpsborg 08 Sarpsborg Stadion M. Stahre 1928
Stabæk Team Logo Stabæk Nadderud Stadion J. Jönsson 1912
Strømsgodset Team Logo Strømsgodset Marienlyst Stadion H. Pedersen 1907
Tromsø Team Logo Tromsø Alfheim Stadion G. Helstrup 1920
Vålerenga Team Logo Vålerenga Intility Arena D. Fagermo 1913
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded
Aalesund Team Logo Aalesund Color Line Stadion L. Nilsen 1914
Åsane Team Logo Åsane Myrdal Gress M. Rössland 1971
Bryne Team Logo Bryne Bryne Stadion J. Halvorsen 1926
Fredrikstad Team Logo Fredrikstad Nye Fredrikstad Stadion B. Johansen 1903
HamKam Team Logo HamKam Briskeby Arena K. Rekdal 1918
Jerv Team Logo Jerv J.J. Ugland Stadion - Levermyr A. Sandstø 1921
KFUM Team Logo KFUM KFUM Arena J. Isnes 1939
Ranheim Team Logo Ranheim EXTRA Arena S. Maalen 1901
Raufoss Team Logo Raufoss NAMMO stadion C. Johnsen 1918
Sandnes Ulf Team Logo Sandnes Ulf Sandnes Idrettspark S. Landro 1911
Sogndal Team Logo Sogndal Fosshaugane Campus E. Bakke 1926
Start Team Logo Start Sparebanken Sør Arena J. Hardarson 1905
Strømmen Team Logo Strømmen Strømmen Stadion O. Nesselquist 1911
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded
Avaldsnes W Team Logo Avaldsnes W Avaldsnes Idrettssenter T. Dahle
LSK Kvinner W Team Logo LSK Kvinner W LSK-hallen H. Riise


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