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Upcoming Football Picks

We are comparing the results of our sophisticated mathematical predictions with the odds of a bookmaker. In tables below you can see the difference between the two of them (% of statistical advantage). We are only displaying value by markets with a High Predictability. Values with Good, Medium or Poor predictability are not highlighted.

Upcoming football predictions 1(%) X(%) 2(%) Value?
Brežice Brežice logo vs Krško logo Krško 28/02 40 25 35
Dob Dob logo vs Smartno logo Smartno 28/02 66 18 16
Dekani Dekani logo vs Bilje logo Bilje 28/02 42 25 33
Radomlje Radomlje logo vs Krka logo Krka 28/02 41 24 35
Rudar Velenje Rudar Velenje logo vs Beltinci logo Beltinci 28/02 54 22 24
Triglav Triglav logo vs Fužinar logo Fužinar 28/02 28 21 51
Brda Dobrovo Brda Dobrovo logo vs Primorje logo Primorje 28/02 40 25 35
NŠ Drava NŠ Drava logo vs Nafta logo Nafta 28/02 30 23 47
Upcoming football predictions 1(%) X(%) 2(%) Value?
Bravo Bravo logo vs Mura logo Mura 28/02 36 27 36
Domžale Domžale logo vs Gorica logo Gorica 28/02 61 21 18
Aluminij Aluminij logo vs Koper logo Koper 01/03 40 26 34
Mura Mura logo vs Aluminij logo Aluminij 06/03 51 25 25
Upcoming football predictions 1(%) X(%) 2(%) Value?
Nafta Nafta logo vs Fužinar logo Fužinar 03/03 54 22 24
Triglav Triglav logo vs Celje logo Celje 03/03 26 23 51
Beltinci Beltinci logo vs Domžale logo Domžale 03/03 19 20 61


4 Slovenia leagues and 22 Slovenia teams and their details which are used on our Rowdie website.

# Logo League Name Active Teams
1. SNL League Logo 1. SNL 9
2. SNL League Logo 2. SNL 13
Slovenia Cup League Logo Slovenia Cup 0
Slovenian Cup League Logo Slovenian Cup 0
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded
Aluminij Team Logo Aluminij Športni Park Aluminij O. Drobne 1946
Bravo Team Logo Bravo Štadion ŽŠD D. Grabič 2006
Celje Team Logo Celje Stadion Z'dežele J. Jarosík 1919
Domžale Team Logo Domžale Športni Park D. Djuranović 1921
Gorica Team Logo Gorica Športni Park G. Petrić 1947
Koper Team Logo Koper ŠRC Bonifika M. Srebrnič 1920
Maribor Team Logo Maribor Ljudski vrt M. Camoranesi 1960
Mura Team Logo Mura Mesti Stadion Fazanerija A. Šimundža 2012
Olimpija Team Logo Olimpija Stadion Stožice G. Stankovič 1911
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded
Beltinci Team Logo Beltinci Športni park Beltinci R. Karanović 2007
Bilje Team Logo Bilje Stadion V dolinci M. Mikač
Brežice Team Logo Brežice Stadion Brežice R. Zorko 1919
Dekani Team Logo Dekani Igrišče Ivan Gregorič A. Ščulac 1938
Dob Team Logo Dob Športni park S. Sešlar
Krka Team Logo Krka Stadion Portoval Z. Željkovič
Krško Team Logo Krško Štadion Matije Gubca D. Romih 1922
Nafta Team Logo Nafta Športni park Lendava D. Dončić 1903
NŠ Drava Team Logo NŠ Drava Mestni Štadion J. Arsić 2004
Primorje Team Logo Primorje Nogometni stadion Ajdovščina A. Komac 2011
Radomlje Team Logo Radomlje Športni park Radomlje O. Drobne
Rudar Velenje Team Logo Rudar Velenje Štadion Ob Jezeru A. Sulejmanović 1948
Triglav Team Logo Triglav Športni Center Stanko Mlakar D. Gajser 1920
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded


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