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Faroe Islands football predictions and betting tips

Faroe Islands football predictions calculated by our sophisticated algorithm are the base for the most accurate football betting tips delivered by Rowdie. We are comparing the calculated results with the odds of the best bookmakers, and in the table below you can see the difference between the two of them - in the last column of the table below you see if the upcoming fixtures in Faroe Islands contain a value (% of statistical advantage). Football predictions and betting tips by Rowdie are retrospectively verified, and we only display Faroe Islands betting tips where we show a great performance.

Do you not see any green highlighted value? The value and a valid betting tip might still be there, but has a lower or not calculated predictability. In that case you should only use it if you are advanced in football betting. Please click on any of the scheduled football fixtures to see the calculated probabilities for football predictions and betting tips of 1X2, btts, over/under, correct score and other major betting markets.

Upcoming football predictions 1(%) X(%) 2(%) Value?
B36 vs TB 28/07 89 8 3
ÍF vs NSÍ 31/07 14 15 72
B36 vs HB 17/08 49 22 29 154.80% Home
TB vs ÍF 17/08 52 23 25
B68 vs 07 Vestur 17/08 33 23 44 31.30% Away
Víkingur vs EB / Streymur 17/08 69 17 14
Upcoming football predictions 1(%) X(%) 2(%) Value?
Suduroy vs KÍ II 30/07 42 21 37
B71 vs Víkingur II 30/07 25 20 55
NSÍ II vs AB Argir 30/07 68 16 16
Skála vs EB / Streymur II 30/07 76 14 11
HB II vs B36 II 31/07 49 20 31
HB II vs AB Argir 03/08 45 22 33
Skála vs B71 16/08 45 22 33
Suduroy vs AB Argir 05/09 38 22 39


3 Faroe Islands leagues and 18 Faroe Islands teams and their details which are used on our Rowdie website.

# Logo League Name Active Teams
1. Deild 9
Faroe Islands Cup 0
Meistaradeildin 9
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded
B36 II Gundadalur 1936
B71 inni í Dal R. Goffe 1970
EB / Streymur II Við Margáir
HB II Gundadalur 1904
KÍ II Injector Arena 1905
NSÍ II við Løkin 1957
Skála Undir Mýruhjalla S. Olaru 1905
Suduroy Vesturi á Eiðinum P. Augustinussen 1905
Víkingur II Sarpugerði 2008
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded
07 Vestur á Dungasandi H. Askham 2004
B36 Gundadalur D. Brimsvík 1936
B68 Svangaskarð Ø. Hansen 1962
EB / Streymur Við Margáir J. Joensen 1993
HB Gundadalur K. Schindler 1904
ÍF á Fløtugerði Ó. Larsen 1946
Svangaskarð M. Thomassen 1905
NSÍ við Løkin A. Jepsen 1957
TB Sevmýri M. Winter 1892


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