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Croatia football predictions and betting tips

Croatia football predictions calculated by our sophisticated algorithm are the base for the most accurate football betting tips delivered by Rowdie. We are comparing the calculated results with the odds of the best bookmakers, and in the table below you can see the difference between the two of them - in the last column of the table below you see if the upcoming fixtures in Croatia contain a value (% of statistical advantage). Football predictions and betting tips by Rowdie are retrospectively verified, and we only display Croatia betting tips where we show a great performance.

Do you not see any green highlighted value? The value and a valid betting tip might still be there, but has a lower or not calculated predictability. In that case you should only use it if you are advanced in football betting. Please click on any of the scheduled football fixtures to see the calculated probabilities for football predictions and betting tips of 1X2, btts, over/under, correct score and other major betting markets.

Upcoming football predictions 1(%) X(%) 2(%) Value?
Dinamo Zagreb II Dinamo Zagreb II logo vs Dubrava Zagreb logo Dubrava Zagreb 01/05 42 27 31


8 Croatia leagues and 47 Croatia teams and their details which are used on our Rowdie website.

# Logo League Name Active Teams
1. HNL League Logo 1. HNL 10
2. HNL League Logo 2. HNL 16
3. HNL - East League Logo 3. HNL - East 10
3. HNL - Sjever League Logo 3. HNL - Sjever 0
3. HNL - South League Logo 3. HNL - South 11
3. HNL - Sredite League Logo 3. HNL - Sredite 0
3. HNL - West League Logo 3. HNL - West 0
Croatia Cup League Logo Croatia Cup 0
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded
Dinamo Zagreb Team Logo Dinamo Zagreb Stadion Maksimir Ž. Kopić 1911
Gorica Team Logo Gorica ŠRC Velika Gorica K. Rendulić 2009
Hajduk Split Team Logo Hajduk Split Stadion Poljud V. Dambrauskas 1911
Hrvatski Dragovoljac Team Logo Hrvatski Dragovoljac Stadion NŠC Stjepan Spajić D. Tadic 1975
Istra 1961 Team Logo Istra 1961 Stadion Aldo Drosina G. García García 1964
Lokomotiva Zagreb Team Logo Lokomotiva Zagreb Stadion Kranjčevićeva S. Čabraja 1914
Osijek Team Logo Osijek Stadion Gradski vrt N. Bjelica 1947
Rijeka Team Logo Rijeka Stadion HNK Rijeka G. Tomić 1946
Šibenik Team Logo Šibenik Stadion Šubićevac F. Milin 1929
Slaven Koprivnica Team Logo Slaven Koprivnica Gradski Stadion Z. Zekić 1912
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded
Bijelo Brdo Team Logo Bijelo Brdo Stadion BSK D. Horvat
Cibalia Team Logo Cibalia Stadion Cibalia D. Jozinović 1919
Croatia Zmijavci Team Logo Croatia Zmijavci Stadion ŠRC Marijan Šuto Mrma J. Srzić 1974
Dinamo Zagreb II Team Logo Dinamo Zagreb II Stadion Hitrec Kacian I. Cvitanović
Dubrava Zagreb Team Logo Dubrava Zagreb ŠRC Grana-Klaka A. Šušnić 1945
Dugopolje Team Logo Dugopolje Stadion Hrvatski vitezovi I. Zuljevic
Inter Zaprešić Team Logo Inter Zaprešić Stadion ŠRC Zaprešić B. Perković 1929
Jarun Team Logo Jarun Igralište Nogometni Klub Jarun J. Leko
Kustošija Team Logo Kustošija Igralište NK Kustošija R. Ferenčina
Opatija Team Logo Opatija Stadion NK Opatija T. Čizmarević 1911
Orijent 1919 Team Logo Orijent 1919 Stadion Krimeja E. Flego 2015
Osijek II Team Logo Osijek II Stadion Gradski vrt Z. Glumac
Rudeš Team Logo Rudeš Stadion Kranjčevićeva I. Landeka 1957
Sesvete Team Logo Sesvete Stadion Sv. Josip Radnik K. Polovanec 1945
Solin Team Logo Solin Stadion pokraj Jadra I. Matić 1919
Varaždin Team Logo Varaždin Stadion Anđelko Herjavec M. Kovačević 1932
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Bedem Ivankovo Team Logo Bedem Ivankovo Igralište Grac B. Buhač 1931
Belišće Team Logo Belišće Gradski stadion D. Rupnik 1919
Čepin Team Logo Čepin Stadion NK Čepin
Dakovo-Croatia Team Logo Dakovo-Croatia Stadion na Pazarištu L. Labak 2012
Granicar Zupanja Team Logo Granicar Zupanja Spomen Stadion Prve Nogometne Lopte D. Ilić 1920
Marsonia Team Logo Marsonia Gradski Stadion uz Savu R. Špehar 1909
Slavija Pleternica Team Logo Slavija Pleternica Stadion Stjepan Zdenko Šivo 1926
Slavonija Pozega Team Logo Slavonija Pozega Stadion Kraj Orljave D. Bognar
Sloga Nova Gradiska Team Logo Sloga Nova Gradiska Gradski Stadion
Vukovar Team Logo Vukovar Stadion u Borovom Naselju I. Radoš 1991
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded
Hrvace Team Logo Hrvace Gradski stadion I. Radeljic 1997
Jadran LP Team Logo Jadran LP Igralište NK Jadran P. Mustapić 1959
Kamen Ivanbegovina Team Logo Kamen Ivanbegovina Igraliste NK Kamen
Neretva Metković Team Logo Neretva Metković Igralište Iza Vage D. Vučić 1919
Neretvanac Opuzen Team Logo Neretvanac Opuzen Stadion Podvornica 1932
Primorac Biograd Team Logo Primorac Biograd Gradski stadion Kazimir i Silvio J. Dominis 1919
Split Team Logo Split Stadion Park mladeži A. Marenzi 1912
Urania Baška Voda Team Logo Urania Baška Voda Športski Centar Ante Jurišić
Uskok Klis Team Logo Uskok Klis Stadion iza Grada 1930
Zagora Team Logo Zagora Stadion Borovište H. Slavica 1948
Zmaj Blato Team Logo Zmaj Blato Igralište Zlinje I. Gudelj 1926
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded


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