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We are comparing the results of our sophisticated mathematical predictions with the odds of a bookmaker. In tables below you can see the difference between the two of them (% of statistical advantage). We are only displaying value by markets with a High Predictability. Values with Good, Medium or Poor predictability are not highlighted.

Upcoming football predictions 1(%) X(%) 2(%) Value?
Jedinstvo Paraćin Jedinstvo Paraćin logo vs SFS Borac logo SFS Borac 03/03 53 25 22


7 Serbia leagues and 70 Serbia teams and their details which are used on our Rowdie website.

# Logo League Name Active Teams
Prva Liga League Logo Prva Liga 11
Serbian Cup League Logo Serbian Cup 0
Srpska Liga - Belgrade League Logo Srpska Liga - Belgrade 15
Srpska Liga - East League Logo Srpska Liga - East 10
Srpska Liga - Vojvodina League Logo Srpska Liga - Vojvodina 9
Srpska Liga - West League Logo Srpska Liga - West 10
Super Liga League Logo Super Liga 15
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded
Budućnost Dobanovci Team Logo Budućnost Dobanovci Stadion FK Budućnost D. Ivanović 1920
Dinamo Vranje Team Logo Dinamo Vranje Stadion YUMCO D. Antić 1947
Grafičar Team Logo Grafičar Stadion Grafičara R. Koković 1922
Kabel Novi Sad Team Logo Kabel Novi Sad Stadion FK Kabel Z. Vasiljević
Kolubara Team Logo Kolubara SRC Kolubara Z. Milinković 1919
Radnički Kragujevac Team Logo Radnički Kragujevac Stadion Čika Dača A. Linta 1923
Sloga Kraljevo Team Logo Sloga Kraljevo Gradski Stadion D. Milisavljević 1947
Trajal Krusevac Team Logo Trajal Krusevac Stadion Parunovac G. Lazarević
Žarkovo Team Logo Žarkovo Stadion Žarkovo D. Nikolić 1925
Železničar Pančevo Team Logo Železničar Pančevo Sportsko-Rekreativni Centar Mladost D. Aničić
Zemun Team Logo Zemun Stadion u Gornjoj Varoši M. Kuljic 1946
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded
BASK Team Logo BASK Stadion Careva Ćuprija B. Paunović 1903
Brodarac Team Logo Brodarac FK Brodarac Stadion 1947
BSK Borča Team Logo BSK Borča Stadion Vizelj Park D. Lacmanović 1937
Crvena Zvezda MML Team Logo Crvena Zvezda MML Stadion Mali Mokri Lug
Jedinstvo Su Team Logo Jedinstvo Su Stadion FK Jedinstvo Surčin
Lokomotiva Beograd Team Logo Lokomotiva Beograd Stadion FK Lokomotiva 1985
Mladenovac Team Logo Mladenovac Stadion Selters D. Jovanović 1924
OFK Beograd Team Logo OFK Beograd Omladinski Stadion S. Kuzmanoski 1911
Polet Dorćol Team Logo Polet Dorćol Stadion FK GSP Polet 1929
Radnički Novi Beograd Team Logo Radnički Novi Beograd Stadion FK Radnički Beograd D. Perišić
Radnički Obrenovac Team Logo Radnički Obrenovac Stadion Pored Kolubare 1927
Sinđelić Beograd Team Logo Sinđelić Beograd Stadion FK Sinđelić M. Lukić 1937
Stepojevac Vaga Team Logo Stepojevac Vaga Vaga Arena
Teleoptik Team Logo Teleoptik Sportski Centar Partizan-Teleoptik Ž. Lazetić 1952
Zvezdara Team Logo Zvezdara Stade De L Orvasserie 1
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded
Buducnost Popovac Team Logo Buducnost Popovac Stadion Popovac
Car Konstantin Team Logo Car Konstantin Stadion na Bubnju 1932
Dunav Prahovo Team Logo Dunav Prahovo Stadion FK Dunav
Moravac Mrštane Team Logo Moravac Mrštane SC Orion J. Stanković 1947
Radan Team Logo Radan Gradski Stadion FK Radan S. Kocić 1926
SFS Borac Team Logo SFS Borac Stadion Nairi
Sinđelić Niš Team Logo Sinđelić Niš Stadion na Durlanu 1918
Timok Team Logo Timok Stadion pod Kraljevicom D. Ivković 1919
Trstenik PPT Team Logo Trstenik PPT Stadion SC Trstenik 1920
Vlasina Team Logo Vlasina Stadion Rosulja 1920
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded
Bačka 1901 Team Logo Bačka 1901 Stadion Kraj Somborske kapije 1901
Becej Team Logo Becej Gradski stadion kraj Tise D. Bajić 1920
Borac Sakule Team Logo Borac Sakule Stadion Sveti Nikola
Dinamo Pancevo Team Logo Dinamo Pancevo Gradski stadion A. Stevanović 1945
Dunav Stari Banovci Team Logo Dunav Stari Banovci Stadion Pod Bairom 1936
OFK Vršac Team Logo OFK Vršac Gradski Stadion
Omladinac NB Team Logo Omladinac NB Stadion FK Omladinac
Radnicki Sombor Team Logo Radnicki Sombor Gradski stadion S. Milić 1912
Radnički Zrenjanin Team Logo Radnički Zrenjanin Stadion Fk Radnički Zrenjanin
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded
Budučnost Krušik Team Logo Budučnost Krušik Stadion FK Krušik 2014
Jedinstvo Ub Team Logo Jedinstvo Ub Stadion Tamnava 1920
Jošanica Team Logo Jošanica Gradski Stadion 1979
Mladi Radnik Team Logo Mladi Radnik Stadion Vašarište 1926
Semendrija 1924 Team Logo Semendrija 1924 Sportski Kompleks FK Smederevo V. Stević
Sloboda Užice Team Logo Sloboda Užice Gradski Stadion S. Dogandzic 1950
Sloga Petrovac na Mlavi Team Logo Sloga Petrovac na Mlavi Stadion Sloga 1933
Sloga Požega Team Logo Sloga Požega Stadion FK Sloga Požega 1920
Sumadija Arandelovac Team Logo Sumadija Arandelovac Gradski Stadion 1928
Tutin Team Logo Tutin Stadion FK Tutin
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded
Crvena Zvezda Team Logo Crvena Zvezda Stadion Rajko Mitić D. Stankovic 1945
Čukarički Team Logo Čukarički Stadion na Banovom brdu D. Đorđević 1926
Inđija Team Logo Inđija Gradski Stadion D. Čelar 1933
Javor Ivanjica Team Logo Javor Ivanjica Stadion kraj Moravice I. Bondžulić 1912
Metalac GM Team Logo Metalac GM Stadion FK Metalac Ž. Lazetić 1961
Novi Pazar Team Logo Novi Pazar Gradski Stadion R. Batak 1928
Partizan Team Logo Partizan Stadion Partizana A. Stanojević 1945
Proleter Novi Sad Team Logo Proleter Novi Sad Stadion Karađorđe B. Žigić 1951
Rad Beograd Team Logo Rad Beograd Stadion Kralj Petar Prvi M. Milanović 1958
Radnički Niš Team Logo Radnički Niš Gradski Stadion Čair V. Gaćinović 1923
Radnik Surdulica Team Logo Radnik Surdulica Stadion Surdulica S. Dordevic
Spartak Subotica Team Logo Spartak Subotica Gradski Stadion V. Buač 1945
Vojvodina Team Logo Vojvodina Stadion Karađorđe N. Lalatović 1914
Voždovac Team Logo Voždovac Stadion Event Place J. Damjanović 1912
Zlatibor Čajetina Team Logo Zlatibor Čajetina Stadion Švajcarija Z. Njeguš 1945


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