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We are comparing the results of our sophisticated mathematical predictions with the odds of a bookmaker. In tables below you can see the difference between the two of them (% of statistical advantage). We are only displaying value by markets with a High Predictability. Values with Good, Medium or Poor predictability are not highlighted.


2 Luxembourg leagues and 15 Luxembourg teams and their details which are used on our Rowdie website.

# Logo League Name Active Teams
National Division League Logo National Division 15
National Division Play-offs League Logo National Division Play-offs 0
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded
Differdange 03 Team Logo Differdange 03 Stade Parc des Sports P. Amodio 2003
Etzella Ettelbrück Team Logo Etzella Ettelbrück Centre Sportif du Deich N. Pattison 1917
F91 Dudelange Team Logo F91 Dudelange Stade Jos Nosbaum C. Fangueiro Soares 1991
Fola Esch Team Logo Fola Esch Stade Émile Mayrisch S. Grandjean 1906
Hostert Team Logo Hostert Stade Jos Becker H. Bossi 1946
Jeunesse d'Esch Team Logo Jeunesse d'Esch Stade de la Frontière M. Weis 1907
Mondorf-les-Bains Team Logo Mondorf-les-Bains Stade John Grün S. Wolf
Progrès Niedercorn Team Logo Progrès Niedercorn Stade Jos Haupert R. Vrabec 1919
RM Hamm Benfica Team Logo RM Hamm Benfica Terrain de Football Cents P. Resende dos Morais 2004
Rodange Team Logo Rodange Stade Joseph Philippart N. Selimovic
Swift Hesperange Team Logo Swift Hesperange Stade Alphonse Theis J. Strasser 1916
UNA Strassen Team Logo UNA Strassen Complexe Sportif Jean Wirtz M. Correia 1922
UT Pétange Team Logo UT Pétange Stade Municipal de Pétange N. Huysman 1910
Victoria Rosport Team Logo Victoria Rosport PARTY-RENT-ARENA M. Thomé
Wiltz Team Logo Wiltz Stade am Petz D. Huet
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded


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