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We are comparing the results of our sophisticated mathematical predictions with the odds of a bookmaker. In tables below you can see the difference between the two of them (% of statistical advantage). We are only displaying value by markets with a High Predictability. Values with Good, Medium or Poor predictability are not highlighted.


4 Bosnia and Herzegovina leagues and 23 Bosnia and Herzegovina teams and their details which are used on our Rowdie website.

# Logo League Name Active Teams
Bosnia Cup League Logo Bosnia Cup 0
First League: FBiH League Logo First League: FBiH 10
First League: RS League Logo First League: RS 6
Premier Liga League Logo Premier Liga 7
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded
Bratstvo Gracanica Team Logo Bratstvo Gracanica Gradski stadion Luke 1945
Capljina Team Logo Capljina Stadion Bjelave 1945
Gorazde Team Logo Gorazde Stadion Midhat Drljević 1960
GOSK Gabela Team Logo GOSK Gabela Stadion Podavala V. Trivunovic 1919
Igman Konjic Team Logo Igman Konjic Gradski Stadion 1920
Orasje Team Logo Orasje Novi Stadion Orašje 1996
Rudar Kakanj Team Logo Rudar Kakanj Stadion Pod Vardom B. Mehanović 1920
Slaven Zivinice Team Logo Slaven Zivinice Gradski Stadion, Zivinice 1937
Travnik Team Logo Travnik Stadion Pirota O. Bajrić 1922
Zvijezda Gradačac Team Logo Zvijezda Gradačac Stadion Banja Ilidža 1922
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded
Kozara Gradiska Team Logo Kozara Gradiska Gradski Stadion M. Pojić 1945
Leotar Team Logo Leotar Stadion Police D. Jegdić 1925
Modrica Team Logo Modrica Stadion Dr. Milan Jelić 1922
Rudar Prijedor Team Logo Rudar Prijedor Gradski Stadion Z. Jelisavac 1968
Slavija Team Logo Slavija Gradski Stadion SRC 1908
Sloga Doboj Team Logo Sloga Doboj Dvorana SC u Doboju Z. Ćurguz 1946
# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded
Olimpic Sarajevo Team Logo Olimpic Sarajevo Stadion Otoka S. Petrović 1993
Sarajevo Team Logo Sarajevo Olimpijski Stadion Asim Ferhatovic Hase V. Marinović 1946
Siroki Brijeg Team Logo Siroki Brijeg Stadion Pecara T. Karačić 1948
Sloboda Tuzla Team Logo Sloboda Tuzla Stadion Tušanj G. Crnogorac 1919
Velez Team Logo Velez Stadion Vrapčići F. Dudic 1922
Zeljeznicar Team Logo Zeljeznicar Stadion Grbavica A. Osim 1921
Zrinjski Team Logo Zrinjski Stadion Bijeli Brijeg S. Jakirović 1905


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