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Upcoming Football Picks

We are comparing the results of our sophisticated mathematical predictions with the odds of a bookmaker. In tables below you can see the difference between the two of them (% of statistical advantage). We are only displaying value by markets with a High Predictability. Values with Good, Medium or Poor predictability are not highlighted.

Upcoming football predictions 1(%) X(%) 2(%) Value?
St. Gallen St. Gallen logo vs Servette logo Servette 03/03 54 22 24
Basel Basel logo vs Young Boys logo Young Boys 03/03 27 22 51
Vaduz Vaduz logo vs Lausanne Sport logo Lausanne Sport 03/03 34 25 41
Sion Sion logo vs Lugano logo Lugano 04/03 33 26 41
Zürich Zürich logo vs Luzern logo Luzern 04/03 35 26 39
Upcoming football predictions 1(%) X(%) 2(%) Value?
Chênois Chênois logo vs Terre Sainte logo Terre Sainte 05/03 44 23 32


7 Switzerland leagues and 69 Switzerland teams and their details which are used on our Rowdie website.

# Logo League Name Active Teams
1.Liga Classic League Logo 1.Liga Classic 37
1.Liga Promotion League Logo 1.Liga Promotion 14
Challenge League League Logo Challenge League 8
Nationalliga A Women League Logo Nationalliga A Women 1
Super League League Logo Super League 9
Super League Play-offs League Logo Super League Play-offs 0
Swiss Cup League Logo Swiss Cup 0
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Baden Team Logo Baden Stadion ESP
Bassecourt Team Logo Bassecourt Stade des Grands-Prés L. Hushi 1917
Biel-Bienne Team Logo Biel-Bienne Tissot Arena K. Baumann 1896
Bulle Team Logo Bulle Stade de Bouleyres P. Suard 1910
Buochs Team Logo Buochs Sportplatz Seefeld D. Andreoli
Chênois Team Logo Chênois Stade des Trois-Chênes 1907
Delémont Team Logo Delémont Stade de La Blancherie M. Cantaluppi 1905
Dietikon Team Logo Dietikon Primework-Arena 1908
Echallens Team Logo Echallens Stade des 3 Sapins A. Comisetti 1921
Eschen / Mauren Team Logo Eschen / Mauren SportPark Eschen/Mauren
Goldau Team Logo Goldau Sportanlage Tierpark
Gossau Team Logo Gossau Sportanlage Buechenwald 1906
Grasshopper II Team Logo Grasshopper II GC/Campus 1886
Höngg Team Logo Höngg Sportplatz Hönggerberg
Kosova Team Logo Kosova Sportplatz Buchlern
La Chaux-de-Fonds Team Logo La Chaux-de-Fonds Stade de la Charrière C. Caschili 1894
Lancy Team Logo Lancy Stade de Marignac D. Boudjellaba
Langenthal Team Logo Langenthal Rankmatte
Lausanne II Team Logo Lausanne II Stade Olympique de la Pontaise 2002
Linth Team Logo Linth Sportplat Allmeind F. Digenti
Luzern II Team Logo Luzern II Sportanlage Hubelmatt 1901
Martigny Sports Team Logo Martigny Sports Stade d'Octodure H. Raczynski
Meyrin Team Logo Meyrin Stade des Arbères J. René Hilaire Lebeau
Muttenz Team Logo Muttenz Sportplatz Margelacker S. Kamber
Naters Team Logo Naters Sportanlage Stapfen
Red Star Zürich Team Logo Red Star Zürich Sportplatz Allmend Brunau S. Roduner
Solothurn Team Logo Solothurn Stadion FC Solothurn J. Widmer
St. Gallen II Team Logo St. Gallen II Stadion Espenmoos 1879
Terre Sainte Team Logo Terre Sainte Centre Sportif des Rojalets P. Duval
Thalwil Team Logo Thalwil Sportplatz Etzliberg
Tuggen Team Logo Tuggen Stadion Linthstrasse A. Allenspach 1966
Vevey Sports Team Logo Vevey Sports Stade de Copet C. Caschili
Wettswil-Bonstetten Team Logo Wettswil-Bonstetten Sportplatz Moos M. Dosch
Winterthur II Team Logo Winterthur II Stadion Schützenwiese
Wohlen Team Logo Wohlen Stadion Niedermatten T. Jent 1904
Young Boys II Team Logo Young Boys II Stadion Neufeld 1898
Zug Team Logo Zug Stadion Herti Allmend M. Adams
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Basel II Team Logo Basel II Leichtathletik-Stadion St. Jakob 1893
Bavois Team Logo Bavois Stade des Peupliers B. Uka
Bellinzona Team Logo Bellinzona Stadio Comunale 1904
Black Stars Team Logo Black Stars Sportplatz Buschweilerhof S. Tabakovic
Breitenrain Team Logo Breitenrain Sportplatz Spitalacker M. Lengen 1994
Brühl Team Logo Brühl Paul-Grüninger-Stadion 1901
Cham Team Logo Cham Stadion Eizmoos J. Portmann
Étoile Carouge Team Logo Étoile Carouge Stade de la Fontenette T. Cotting 1904
Münsingen Team Logo Münsingen Sportanlage Sandreutenen Hauptplatz K. Feuz
Rapperswil-Jona Team Logo Rapperswil-Jona Sportstadion Grünfeld P. Mota da Silva
Sion II Team Logo Sion II Stade de Tourbillon F. Chassot 2003
YF Juventus Team Logo YF Juventus Sportanlage Juchhof R4 P. Bauert 1992
Yverdon Sport Team Logo Yverdon Sport Stade Municipal 1948
Zürich II Team Logo Zürich II Sportanlage Heerenschürli 1896
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Aarau Team Logo Aarau Stadion Brügglifeld S. Keller 1902
Chiasso Team Logo Chiasso Centro Sportivo Regionale Magadino B. Raineri 1905
FC Schaffhausen Team Logo FC Schaffhausen LIPO Park Schaffhausen M. Yakin 1896
Grasshopper Team Logo Grasshopper Stadion Letzigrund J. Pereira 1886
Kriens Team Logo Kriens Stadion Kleinfeld B. Berner 1944
Neuchâtel Xamax Team Logo Neuchâtel Xamax Stade de la Maladière A. Binotto 1970
Stade Lausanne-Ouchy Team Logo Stade Lausanne-Ouchy Stade Juan-Antonio Samaranch M. Kodro
Winterthur Team Logo Winterthur Stadion Schützenwiese R. Loose 1896
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Zurich W Team Logo Zurich W Sportanlage Heerenschürli I. Dal Santo
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Basel Team Logo Basel St. Jakob-Park C. Sforza 1893
Lausanne Sport Team Logo Lausanne Sport Stade Olympique de la Pontaise G. Contini 1896
Lugano Team Logo Lugano Kybunpark M. Jacobacci 1908
Luzern Team Logo Luzern swissporarena F. Celestini 1901
Servette Team Logo Servette Stade de Genève A. Geiger 1890
Sion Team Logo Sion Stade de Tourbillon F. Grosso 1909
St. Gallen Team Logo St. Gallen Kybunpark P. Zeidler 1879
Vaduz Team Logo Vaduz Rheinpark Stadion M. Frick 1932
Young Boys Team Logo Young Boys STADE DE SUISSE Wankdorf Bern G. Seoane 1898
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# Logo Name Venue Coach Twitter Founded


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