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Israel football predictions and betting tips

Israel football predictions calculated by our sophisticated algorithm are the base for the most accurate football betting tips delivered by Rowdie. We are comparing the calculated results with the odds of the best bookmakers, and in the table below you can see the difference between the two of them - in the last column of the table below you see if the upcoming fixtures in Israel contain a value (% of statistical advantage). Football predictions and betting tips by Rowdie are retrospectively verified, and we only display Israel betting tips where we show a great performance.

Do you not see any green highlighted value? The value and a valid betting tip might still be there, but has a lower or not calculated predictability. In that case you should only use it if you are advanced in football betting. Please click on any of the scheduled football fixtures to see the calculated probabilities for football predictions and betting tips of 1X2, btts, over/under, correct score and other major betting markets.

Upcoming football predictions 1(%) X(%) 2(%) Value?
Hapoel Tel Aviv Hapoel Tel Aviv logo vs Beitar Tel Aviv Ramla logo Beitar Tel Aviv Ramla 12/05 33 26 41
Maccabi Haifa Maccabi Haifa logo vs Maccabi Tel Aviv logo Maccabi Tel Aviv 13/05 33 27 40
Upcoming football predictions 1(%) X(%) 2(%) Value?
Hapoel Lod Hapoel Lod logo vs Bnei Eilat logo Bnei Eilat 13/05 25 23 52
Otzma Holon Otzma Holon logo vs Maccabi Ironi Amishav PT logo Maccabi Ironi Amishav PT 13/05 19 22 59
Ironi Nesher Ironi Nesher logo vs Hapoel Tirat HaCarmel logo Hapoel Tirat HaCarmel 13/05 53 25 22
Tzeirey Tamra Tzeirey Tamra logo vs Maccabi Ma'alot Tarshiha logo Maccabi Ma'alot Tarshiha 13/05 38 27 35
Hapoel Ein as-Sahla Hapoel Ein as-Sahla logo vs Pardes Hanna-Karkur logo Pardes Hanna-Karkur 13/05 20 21 59
MS Jerusalem MS Jerusalem logo vs Beitar Ir Ma'ale Adumim logo Beitar Ir Ma'ale Adumim 13/05 71 18 12
Hapoel Pardesya Noam Hapoel Pardesya Noam logo vs Ironi Beit Dagan logo Ironi Beit Dagan 14/05 30 26 45
Hapoel Mahane Yehuda Hapoel Mahane Yehuda logo vs Hapoel Kiryat Ono logo Hapoel Kiryat Ono 14/05 38 25 37
Hapoel Merhavim Hapoel Merhavim logo vs Hapoel Gedera logo Hapoel Gedera 14/05 67 20 13
Beitar Nahariya Beitar Nahariya logo vs Ironi Bnei Kabul logo Ironi Bnei Kabul 14/05 47 25 29
Beitar Petah Tikva Beitar Petah Tikva logo vs Beitar Kfar Saba Shlomi logo Beitar Kfar Saba Shlomi 14/05 33 26 42
Hapoel Hod Hasharon Hapoel Hod Hasharon logo vs Shimshon Tel Aviv logo Shimshon Tel Aviv 14/05 37 25 38
Maccabi Ironi Sderot Maccabi Ironi Sderot logo vs Hapoel Yeruham logo Hapoel Yeruham 14/05 48 25 27
Elnahada Nazareth Elnahada Nazareth logo vs Hapoel Ironi Safed logo Hapoel Ironi Safed 14/05 3 7 90
Bnei Jaffa Ortodoxim Bnei Jaffa Ortodoxim logo vs Sporting Tel Aviv logo Sporting Tel Aviv 14/05 57 22 21
Arad Arad logo vs Beitar Ironi Kiryat Gat logo Beitar Ironi Kiryat Gat 14/05 23 21 55
Beitar Ashdod Beitar Ashdod logo vs Shikun HaMizrah logo Shikun HaMizrah 14/05 18 22 60
Beitar Yavne Beitar Yavne logo vs Ironi Modi'in logo Ironi Modi'in 14/05 17 20 64
Maccabi Nujeidat Ahmed Maccabi Nujeidat Ahmed logo vs Beitar Haifa Jacob logo Beitar Haifa Jacob 14/05 58 21 20
Hapoel Ramot Menashe Hapoel Ramot Menashe logo vs Ihud Bnei Baka logo Ihud Bnei Baka 14/05 34 25 42
Hapoel Ihud Bnei Jatt Hapoel Ihud Bnei Jatt logo vs MS Kfar Kama logo MS Kfar Kama 14/05 48 24 28
Shimshon Bnei Taibe Shimshon Bnei Taibe logo vs Hapoel Kfar Bara logo Hapoel Kfar Bara 14/05 58 22 20
Hapoel Qalansawe Hapoel Qalansawe logo vs Roei Heshbon Tel Aviv logo Roei Heshbon Tel Aviv 14/05 69 18 12
Maccabi Neve Sha'anan Maccabi Neve Sha'anan logo vs MS Tirat HaCarmel logo MS Tirat HaCarmel 14/05 42 24 33
Bnei Bir al-Maksur Bnei Bir al-Maksur logo vs Hapoel Tuba-Zangariyye logo Hapoel Tuba-Zangariyye 14/05 17 23 61
Ihud Bnei Shfaram Ihud Bnei Shfaram logo vs Tzeirei Kafr Kanna logo Tzeirei Kafr Kanna 14/05 46 26 28
Tzeirei Sakhnin Tzeirei Sakhnin logo vs Hapoel Ironi Arraba logo Hapoel Ironi Arraba 14/05 54 23 22
Ahva Kafr Manda Ahva Kafr Manda logo vs Bnei HaGolan VeHaGalil logo Bnei HaGolan VeHaGalil 14/05 54 23 22
Maccabi Ahi Iksal Maccabi Ahi Iksal logo vs Ahi Bir al-Maksur logo Ahi Bir al-Maksur 15/05 72 16 12
Hapoel Bnei Musmus Hapoel Bnei Musmus logo vs Hapoel Sandala Gilboa logo Hapoel Sandala Gilboa 15/05 56 21 23
Hapoel Ironi Karmiel Hapoel Ironi Karmiel logo vs Ahi Akko logo Ahi Akko 15/05 71 18 12
MS Be'er Sheva MS Be'er Sheva logo vs Moadon Tzeirey Rahat logo Moadon Tzeirey Rahat 15/05 39 25 36
Ahi Akko Ahi Akko logo vs Tzeirei Kafr Kanna logo Tzeirei Kafr Kanna 17/05 29 25 46