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How old is the Rowdie project?

We started developing in February 2019 and after months of intense coding went live in March 2020. The most user beneficial feature such as football predictions and value bets is available from the beginning, but we expect to make the project huge.

Who are the people behind the project?

We love sports, we love football but most of all we understand sports betting. Since 2008 we have been in the sports betting business and now we decided to go our own way. Taking a lot of knowledge from the side of a bookmaker, we are happy to share it. And who am I? My name is Tomas and the name of the company running Rowdie is Play Europe.

Why are you promoting bookmakers?

Our hobby is to have food, shelter... and the bookmakers pay us for advertisement.

Who are the promoted bookmakers?

We focus on the UK market, but do our best to promote the global bookmakers. That means, if you are from e.g. Canada, you are allowed to register and bet with them. As for the local bookmakers we plan to introduce them in 2022.

Can I deposit money and place bets on Rowdie?

No. Rowdie is supposed to be a sports betting community sharing advice and providing tools to help you succeed in sports betting. You can not bet for real on our website. What you can do is buy access to mathematical football picks and value bets. To see the full list of value bets and mathematical football picks please login or create a Rowdie account and prepay the access to premium membership for only €14.99 per month.

Where do the Football predictions and value bets come from?

We like coding and sports betting. We are not scientists and therefore we hired them. Our football predictions come from real data scientists, we pay them on a monthly basis and they are not cheap.