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Irish Premier Division is showing really good performance when it comes to betting. Not only the 3 way results but mostly the over / under markets are money maker for me. In average 11%. Really easy to predict the league

Ares profile image Ares

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Irish Premier Division is one of the best leagues for football betting. 90% of the time during the 2019/2020 the results have shown high league predictability. For me that means 9% revenue on my bets. The predictability for season 2020/2021 (first rounds) will be known in just couple of days. My bets are already placed.

Waldemart profile image Waldemart

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The first round of the new 2020/21 Irish Premier Division season shows really not too much value. The odds are basically the same as the predictions and only some under 5% values are to be found.

Dropp profile image Dropp

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