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France Olympique Marseille Team Statistics

Most detailed France Olympique Marseille team statistics for all leagues with Olympique Marseille appearance. The team statistics of Rowdie go back to 2005 and cover 50+ different statistics and performance indicators. With Rowdie you can learn about how Olympique Marseille did in efficiency within different match periods, how Olympique Marseille performed in defense in the same time span. How many times Olympique Marseille scored over/under 1.5 - 5.5 goals? What about fouls, red cards, yellow cards, offsides, tackles, average ball possession or attacks? Please look below, chose the league, season and statistics tabs which are divided to: General, Scoring minutes, Goals conceded minutes, Activity and Goal line. The practical use of Rowdie's detailed team statistics are our value bets and mathematical football predictions - both tools used in football betting.

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