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Bosnia and Herzegovina Orasje Latest Results

Check out the latest results of Orasje through all leagues with Orasje appearance. With the list of results we go as far as back to 2005. The results together with detailed statistics and squad power are the base for our mathematical betting tips that have earned decent amounts to those who decided to follow us. For those of you who need to know the recent football action, check forebet predictions today.

Orasje Latest Matches

Finished after penalty shootout The game has finished after 120 minutes

Score Away
05/06/2022 First League: FBiH Novi Stadion Orašje Orasje 4-0 Mladost Doboj Kakanj
28/05/2022 First League: FBiH Gradina Srebrenik 3-2 Orasje
25/05/2022 First League: FBiH Novi Stadion Orašje Orasje 2-1 TOSK Tesanj