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Disclaimer: The promoted bookies accept customers from many countries all over the world. It is your responsibility to check if the bookmaker operates with a valid licence in your country. All users from any country in the World can however use the website for information purposes.

Football predictions and Value bets disclaimer

Rowdie provides free value bets and free football predictions. Those are statistical tools reflecting the past and predicting the future. We are operating in a field of probabilities and there is no guarantee that past success will continue into the future. Therefore Rowdie takes no responsibility for any damages or losses suffered from the use of our content or the inability to use our content properly.

Payments to Rowdie

All our services are for free. We are not charging our visitors for any provided feature such as value bets, football predictions or participating in cash prize competitions. All virtual betting coins are for free as well.

Betting tips and Expert punter tips

All 18+ visitors can take part in our virtual betting competition and publish picks. The best ones - based on real results are allowed to give "Expert recommendations". Please keep in mind that there is no guarantee that a great punter will remain great in the future. The tips are just a hint without any guarantee and we take no responsibility for the outcome.

Betting academy and other content

The content on Rowdie is our property. It took us hundreds of hours to write details about the betting theorie and develop various betting tools such as calculators. Any use of the content is not permitted.

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Responsible Gaming

This is a very important part. We are promoting bookmakers on this page and sports betting is only allowed for people over 18. Lately it is not fun looking at the UKGC how they are awarding millions in fines. We want to stay away from making headlines and therefore we need you to follow the rules. All visitors must be 18+. We are checking the ID of those punters who are about to win a cash prize with Rowdie (if we ever do any competitions). Besides that we need you to control your gambling behaviour. Crazy gamblers are harming the whole industry. Please read more at the Responsible gaming section.


For more information please visit our FAQ page or feel free to contact Rowdie directly.


You can create an account in our football betting community. Every now and then we might send you some update to our services, but don't worry, you hear from us very rarely.

Modification of Terms and Conditions

Rowdie is still in the development and improvement process. As we implement new features on the page, we will stretch our T&C accordingly.